Mother of Two (and a half), here we come!

There is no turning back now, Baby Girl is on her way and should be here by the end of the week! As excited/nervous as I am, it also makes me a little sad for Titan that his world is going to be completely rocked. I’m far less sad for Millie (my half child/golden retriever) as she has already survived the arrival of one baby, but Titan really has no idea how much his life is going to change.

I feel like I’ve prepared him as much as I possibly can. We’ve read books about babies, looked at pictures and movies of him as a baby, and constantly talk about Baby Girl, the things she will be able to do, and what she will need to learn (I focus on the fact that at first she will be able to snuggle and hold his finger with her tiny hand).

I tell Titan that Baby Girl is his baby, and that he will need to help and teach her all kinds of things. We talk about how she loves him, and thinks he is super cool. He loves to do tricks for her and show her things even though she is still in my tummy. One of my favorite things is that he tells me things like, “I’m so excited for Baby Girl!” or “I’m so excited to show Baby Girl my smiley face drawing!” etc.

Three Whims

Still, I can’t help but be sentimental about the whole thing. Titan is my little buddy. We do everything together, and in a matter of days it will all change. Is this some sort of pregnancy hormone thing? Anyway, it will be good for him to learn and grow, and he is ready to have a sibling.

Overall, we can’t wait to meet and love on our new baby girl! Cross your fingers for us that Titan is still excited about his baby sister after she is born!




2 thoughts on “Mother of Two (and a half), here we come!

  1. Anna S

    Eeeeek!!! This is so exciting! It is kinda nerve wracking to have a new baby coming and not know how everything is going to work out but T is so sweet I’m certain it will all be amazing! Your little girl is going to be one loved little cutie! Can’t wait to meet her!!!

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