Finding the Finishes

There is this spot in our house that my husband built to be our new downstairs bathroom. It’s a scary, dark little room that I am afraid to set foot in mostly because it reminds me that it is taking much longer than we anticipated. Also because it hasn’t been wired for lighting yet and I am afraid of the dark empty bathroom hole.

At least I was afraid. I am happy to announce that there has actually been some progress on this bathroom of ours. Tile! We have tile my friends. Oh and a tub. A deep soaker tub, so my daughters better be prepared to share.

I can’t wait to show it to you, but until we get some better lighting in there, taking pictures is a bit of a challenge. Instead, I want to show you the finishes we picked. Pulling from our bathroom inspiration (which I blogged about here) we finally agreed on most of our finishes. The modern farmhouse bathrooms we love have had three things: subway tile, wood floors and some industrial lighting. We decided that if we stuck with those, our bathroom would be a success.


Three Whims: Bathroom vanity pick

We found this Vinnova Florence vanity at Wayfair and I instantly fell in love with it. Of course when I wanted to order it, it was actually out of stock. I naively thought we would need it within a few weeks. Silly me. My husband started looking around and we  found the same one at Home Depot. Not as exciting as ordering it from Wayfair but hey, it’s here and it’s lovely.

Floor Tile

Three Whims: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Pick

As you can see from my inspiration bathrooms, I am a loving the wood floor look. I feel like you can pull off  wood tile if it’s not right against real wood flooring. Wood tile has come a long ways and the patterns on the tile are pretty incredible now, in fact when someone came to look at the floor, they assumed it was real.

We have wood floors upstairs, so this isn’t something I would do there, but since the basement is carpeted, I feel like this is a good way to tie wood in downstairs. I wanted one with both gray and tan tones. I decided that wood tile was something I had to see in person and we found  Shelburne Saddle at Floor & Decor. I firmly believe in getting samples and taking them to the actual location they will be installed. Everything looks different depending on where it is. It takes more time, but it’s better than having a floor you hate.

Tub Surround Tile

Fairly simple, we decided to go with white subway tile. I have a sample tile but I need to get a few others to make sure that it is the right shade of white to go with all the other finishes. It’s amazing how many “whites” there are out there which brings me to..

Wall Color

Three Whims: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Wall Color Behr Bakery Box


We brought home over 30 samples of “white” to put next to our wood tile and vanity to see  what would work. Over 30! Once we lined them up on our wood tile next to the vanity there was one clear choice, Behr Bakery Box. I thought I wanted a more interesting color on the walls, but then I realized 90% of the bathrooms I liked had white walls. Sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple and it’s in the basement so I think the lighter the walls, the better.

I am well on my way to being able to soak up plenty of time in that soaker tub. The next step is convincing my husband that we want to do a shiplap look on the vanity wall, then paint, then lighting.  Oh that reminds me I need to get going on picking out my lighting…..





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