See ginger run

The decision to run a half marathon came from my bucket list: travel to Israel, win a pie eating contest, run a half marathon etc. I read about Revel and how beautiful and fast and, well, downhill the course was and finally decided that it was time.

I started training using Kara Goucher’s half marathon here. I also would recommend doing yoga at the same time as training, I felt like yoga really helped. I was nervous that I didn’t train hard enough but remembered that I have 6 hours to complete the half marathon and felt alright.

The night before the half marathon I had butterflies and woke up around 30 times. I woke up at 3:45am to get ready and set out to get to the buses. The atmosphere felt really surreal. There had to be dozen buses waiting to take runners to the starting line. I got on one of the first buses which was a mistake because all I did was wait around in the freezing cold.


They gave us emergency blankets which didn’t really help with the 30 degree weather. The race finally started and the sun started to rise at the same time which made for an exciting beginning.



I hadn’t done a lot of long runs in my training so I was worried that I would get bored. But the complete opposite happened. I think with the amazing surroundings I went into this weird meditation zone while I listened to music.


Suddenly the miles stated flying by and suddenly I was half way to the finish line and then I hit 10 miles.  I hit mile 11 which that was the wall for me. I was able to feel my legs or my lack of legs but I pushed through. I remembered the moment when I saw the finish line I got a weird rush of energy and pushed forward. When I crossed the finish line I instantly wanted to sit down but moved forward by a silver shine object…my medal. Maybe I was inspired to do this half marathon by the fact that I get a medal and now it is hanging in my bedroom. I know you’re asking the question “ginger why don’t you wear it everywhere?” Well the answer is it looks better in my room.


I had a blast and I’m planning to do my next half marathon on 10/22 for the Haunted Half. I would do anything to get that runners high again!





4 thoughts on “See ginger run

  1. Mack

    How exciting!!! Congrats, girlfriend! I did the Cincinnati marathon and remember being awake at 4 am thinking what in the world am I doing?! What an awesome accomplishment. I will warn you – they are addictive and I bet you will want to do another 😉


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