FOMO and 2 weeks to go!

Two of my favorite fall events are either going on right now or happening this coming weekend – the Utah State Fair and the Park City Balloon Festival, and I am super bummed to say that I will probably miss both of them! I love them so much, but I also have to admit that being 8 1/2 months pregnant is taking it’s toll on my body. As much fun as I have waddling around these days, I probably better take it easy and save my energy for chasing my crazy toddler around. BUT, if you aren’t about to have a baby, you should totally check out these fun family-friendly activities this week!

The Utah State Fair is currently going on through September 18 (you can find more info on their website here), and is a great place to play games, ride the rides, people-watch, eat delicious food, look at animals, explore the photo contest gallery, and so much more. I’m especially sad about missing this year, because it will be the first year the husband and I haven’t gone since we started dating. Be sure to read my tips on going to the fair from my post last year, Utah State Fair – a love affair, before you go!

The Park City Balloon Festival is this coming weekend (see their schedule here), and although last year was our first year going, I am still really sad to miss out on this. You can read about our experience from my post last year, Park City: Hot Air Balloon Festival, and see some of the fun pics we took to get you excited.

So go, have fun, and bring me back a fried snickers bar (for the baby… obviously). I’ll just be here packing my hospital bag and trying to get ready for the sleepless nights ahead  🙂




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