Ginger Approved Hair Products

One of my best features is my hair, not to be vain, but I have great hair. I get a few questions about what I do for my hair so I’m going to give you my favorite products.


Bumble and bumble curl is perfect to get that great curl. I usually put this in my hair when it’s damp and go to bed. It makes for great curly hair.



I love Dove! They have great shampoo products and they are not expensive either. They leave my hair healthy and strong. I really recommend Dove.



DryBar is off the hook. I have mentioned Triple Sec before on the blog but this is one of my favorite products ever. It really gives you your hair that shine and that walk out the salon look.

tripe sec


Tresemme thermal creations mousse, is awesome! Not only does it stylize your hair but protects it from heat.

tresemme #1

Oh holy coconut oil I can not live with out you. Do you have dandruff? Use coconut oil. Do you want that healthy shine? Use coconut oil. Do you have damaged hair? Use coconut oil. Do you want soft to the touch hair? USE COCONUT OIL. Not only can you use it for beauty but you can cook with it too. I love coconut oil! I put it in my dry hair about once a week for 30 minutes and then wash it out with shampoo. I know some people do it overnight but I just can’t do I would sleep.

coconut oil

Let me know what you think!





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