Gilt Mirror Redux

I inherited a beautiful gold gilt mirror from my grandmother when she passed away. In reality it is everything that my main living spaces aren’t; extravagant looking, and well, gold. Now my oldest, Reuvo is a gold fanatic and she has more gold in her room than Versailles, but when we bought our new farmhouse dining table and matched some silver metal tub chairs with it, I couldn’t figure out where to hang this beautiful mirror that would work.  So it sat, all sad and alone in a corner. It’s too nice to go in Reuvo’s room, but I didn’t want it to languish away in storage.

While on our trip to Montreal Ginger and I stepped into an adorable furniture shop in the High Plateau neighborhood that was a chalk paint mecca. Everything in there was slathered with varying hues of the very forgiving chalk paint. It was in there, while browsing through a “how-to chalk paint everything in your life” sort of book that I saw a gilt mirror like mine, redone with white chalk paint. Done.

The more I thought about it when I got home, the more I knew I wouldn’t do white because my new house has light gray walls and white trim and baseboard and we tend to have nothing of color in our walls. We have lots of black and white paintings and artwork and I have made a goal to change that. I need more color in my life.

So I found this on Amazon.


Do not confuse chalk paint with chalkboard paint. They are two different things. This is chalk paint. It goes on easily, gives things an antique sort of look and its application can be such that some of the original color pokes through or you can layer it for a solid look.

Blue. My favorite color is my color go-to but I decided it’s better than gray, white or black.

Step 1: Clean your mirror

Step 2: Tape around the edges.


Step 3: Apply your first coat. I just used a sponge brush from my daughter’s paintbrush collection and it worked out great. You can see from the pic that this would be the spot to stop if you want some of the original color to show through.

IMG_5957 (1)


At this point, you could wipe some of the color to let the gold shine through but I decided that wouldn’t work for my decor. I want more of a solid color.

Step 4: Add more layers. My six year old actually took over at this point and I gladly let her.

Step 5: Let dry!

Optional step 6: Add a gloss. I haven’t decided on this step yet. I am letting the mirror sit against the wall so I can look at it and decide if I want it to be glossy before I hang it up permanently.

For now it looks like this…



I am excited to get this hung up and have it be used rather than waste away in storage. Now to gloss or not to gloss is the only question and once I figure that out and get it hung I will post a pic on here!






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