Indoor Rock Climbing at Momentum

The idea of me rock climbing came about when good looking guys mentioned that they rock climbed. I know I’m a smart cookie but in all seriousness I have wanted to rock climb for some time. I decided to do indoor climbing at Momentum in Millcreek. This climbing gym is amazing. They offer a non-experience climber option which teaches you everything in one hour such as belaying, tying knots, and how to actually climb a rock wall. After they give you a short lesson you then get to play around for the rest of the day. I spent about an hour when I realized that you need someone to belay me and the instructor had another class. I quickly asked how to get someone to belay me and the instructor then told me that you need make friends…oh friends. Yes I should get those.


I found that rock climbing was easy until you get down from your first climb and you realize you’re ridiculously sore. Overall, it was awesome and for the class, equipment rental and an all-day pass for $30 it was a great value. I definitely plan to rock climb again the guys were so good looking – in a hippy way.





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