Surviving those Countless Prenatal Appointments with a 2-year-old

When I embarked on this adventure of being pregnant for a second time, I honestly wasn’t sure how my little buddy would handle the many upcoming doctor visits. I also really didn’t want to have to find someone to watch him every time I went in for an appointment. Surprisingly, Titan LOVES going to Mommy’s doctor, and gets excited whenever I tell him we have an appointment. Here are what I believe to be some of the contributing factors:

  1. It definitely helps that my doctor and his staff are amazing and so super friendly to Titan. He is a pretty shy little thing, but he has definitely opened up and now tells them random things about his toys or whatever when they say hi to him.
  2. Prepare your child for what will happen. Before my second appointment (the only appointment I haven’t taken him to is the first one, because it was so long), we talked a lot about what would happen. I told him about leaving the urine sample, that they would measure Mommy, and put gel on my belly so we could listen to the baby’s heart beat, etc. We even acted some of it out before-hand so that he would know what was happening and not be confused.
  3. Let your child be a part of the process. Every time, before I step on the scale to measure my weight, I let Titan step on the scale for a second so we can “weigh” him as well. He loves being involved and feels so big when I tell him that he is growing.
  4. Be prepared for the wait. When we wait to get called back, I read the magazines to him, and point out things in the pictures. When we are in the patient room waiting for the doctor to come in, he loves to do the following three things:
    1. EAT – I always come prepared with snacks and a drink
    2. Turn on and off the light – he stands on the chair to do this and thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. He also knows that he can only do this when there is not a doctor or a nurse in the room. The second that someone comes in, he immediately turns the light back on and sits down to be good.Three Whims: tips to surviving prenatal doctor visits with a toddler
    3. Play doctor – we bring his favorite stuffed animal (who is also having a baby) and all of his “doctor things.” Then he acts out what happens to Mommy with his animal. He listens to the baby, measures Raccoon’s belly, and says things like, “Your baby is healthy.” It really is one of the cutest things ever.Three Whims: tips to surviving prenatal doctor visits with a toddler
  5. Be excited when you tell your child that you have another appointment. They definitely feed off of your energy, so if you are excited, they will be, too.

I have yet to start my “exam” visits, so wish me luck on those!

Anyone else have tips to help with littles at appointments? Please share in the comments!




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