Taco Tuesday at Taqueria 27

I love tacos, especially on taco Tuesdays which I have stated on my online dating profile. Tacos are a comfort food for me. They are simple but oh so delicious and one of my favorite taco places in Salt Lake is Taqueria 27. Taqueria 27 has 3 locations in the greater Salt Lake area. I go to the Taqueria 27 on Foothill and also downtown. A few items I would recommend is getting the black bean guacamole. It is yummy. I had Brents tacos which is a very simple taco with steak, salsa, and cheese.imageI have also had their version of BLT tacos which include pork belly, tomatoes, lettuce, and spicy aioli sauce. I went with my sassy friend who got the chicken tacos which are amazing. imageThe atmosphere is great the servers are always friendly and they always give great recommendations, too. Not to mention they have great daily specials. I once had a pork tenderloin with a mixed slaw and grilled pineapple. It was incredible, so check out Taqueria 27 you won’t be disappointed.




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