Why You Should Take Your Family Hiking

One thing I have really missed doing this summer is hiking. Not that one can’t go hiking when 7 months pregnant, but it is not nearly as enticing. I’m seriously so excited for next year, though, when we can take both of our littles out with us… oh, plus the hairy one, too. There are so many reasons why I love hiking as a family and why I hope to establish a tradition of fun family hikes as our family grows and gets older.

Endorphins and Exercise – Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, which is something that I feel is very important and definitely want to pass down to my children. It is something that can be so enjoyable and helps produce endorphins, which bring about positive feelings, and can help build self-esteem.

No Distractions (AKA Phones) – For now, this is more for me and the husband than  Titan (because he is two and doesn’t have a phone), but one day this will apply to him as well. When you have to pay attention to where you are stepping so that you don’t fall on your face, you don’t have the option to look at your phone as well. Which means no texting, Facebook, Instagram, Pokemon Go, or whatever else distracts you from real life.

Time to Talk and Connect – Without the regular distractions, you can really talk and get to know your family. There is just something great about being outdoors, producing those endorphins, and knowing that you have 100 percent attention that gets you to really open up. You think about things that don’t normally occur to you and can get to know a different side of the people you are with than you might expect.

Exposure to Nature – Watching Titan when he is exploring nature is one of my favorite things as a parent. He loves to ask questions about everything and his little imagination just comes alive. The last time we went “hiking” (more of just a stroll in the mountains) he told us he wanted to look for dragons and poke them with a stick. It is amazing how much he loves nature and how he brightens right up when he gets to experience it. And in case you are wondering, we were very successful in our dragon hunt.

Spiritually Refreshing – Spending quality time with family in nature just brings me spiritual peace. I love pondering and admiring all of the beautiful creations that surround us and sharing it with the people I love the most. It is as close to meditating as I can get and I love it.

I can’t wait to enjoy some real hikes next year with my family, and if you are looking for some great Utah trails, you should check out Ginger’s post here.




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