San Fran for the Married Soul

San Francisco Travel

I sat with my mouse hovering over the ‘confirm’ button for a solid 5 minutes before my husband walked in.

“What do you think of this hotel?” I asked him nodding towards the picture.

He gave me the upward nod, scowling face look he makes when he thinks that something doesn’t look half bad but doesn’t know if he should fully agree to it yet.

“So I am good to go ahead and book it, yeah?” I say as I look up at him from the screen. We have a quick stare down, a friendly stare down, but a stare down none-the-less. You see, we had both agreed just the night prior that a trip to San Francisco for our anniversary was probably not the best idea this year for many reasons: time, projects and just life in general. We are so busy right now.


But I woke up after that conversation and realized that being busy was just the reason why we needed this. Our marriage needed it because it’s precisely when we get busy that we forget to make our precious time together a priority. So I pressed confirm.

We got time out of the Utah heat, time alone, time to talk over incredible three hour dinners and time to trust my husband as I rode on the back of a tandem bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and down the winding road to Sausalito.



I got to watch him act like a kid in the Golden Gate Museum as he explained his fascination with bridges and we talked endlessly about the varying architecture we got to soak up while riding around San Francisco.



It made me think of when we first met, when he was an architecture student and I was studying art history and how we would talk endlessly about buildings and art and clean modern lines.



Originally I wanted this post to be about all the activities we did in San Francisco but the truth is, for this trip we did most of the touristy things you can find on any other travel blog. What we both got out of this trip was a gentle reminder of how important time together away from your kids is for your marriage. Cherish each other because your children need you to be happy together.

Eight years. Eight whole years being married to my best friend and I got to celebrate it by crossing another place off of my travel bucket list with him.





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