Skinworks makes my skin go ahhh

My mother is in town and typically we go get pedicure or do something relaxing. This time she came out I got to pick what we were going to do. I remembered a while ago I had the chance to go get a facial at Skinworks school which was amazing. I got not only my mother to come get one but my aunt, The facial made my skin go ahhh. It was really the best experience for $30 you get a 60 minute facial that is semi-catered to your skin. Whether it’s dry or if you have breakouts or even oily, they deal with it all. Because the school is student run all of the Services lobbyare cheap. The students really strive to give you the best experience since they don’t accept tips they do like you to give them a google review since that helps them with job placement. Now, I have never had a professional facial but my mom has and she was blown away by the price. She felt the quality was just as good as the expensive $90 facial she had. So if you are looking for a relaxing experience and just want to give your skin the TLC that is deserves, then go get a Skinworks facial.




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