Millennial Dating

Hey you guys…so most of you know that I’m a LDS single young woman living in Utah and heading into my late twenties. First, I love being single, I love being independent (I know thats what all single women say) but really that’s how I feel. Dating was so easy in my early twenties especially in college when all I had to do was start talking to a guy in my class and BOOM study date.

When I moved to Utah it started to get slow and some of the guys just didn’t know how to ask out a girl. Example, “so Ginger, what is your favorite cuisine?” “Well cute guy I love Asian!” “Oh well you should try this great Pho place on state street” “Yeah I love Pho that sounds really good, I think I’ll try it next week”…”Great”. He then asks me if I would like to come out to his roommate’s place to place card games IN A GROUP SETTING.

Seriously, what is up with these men? I have started to mildly complain to my family or my sisters..okay it’s more like WHERE ARE THE MEN…WHY AM I ALONE!? My oldest sister met her husband online and who is a great man. She told me I should date online, and pointed out that if you are single now a days and you’re NOT online then your weird.

Now online dating isn’t something I have ever wanted to do. I like to meet people in person but I haven’t really met anyone in a while so I decided to take my sisters advice. She gave me some tips.

  • Be honest and upfront. If you have kids state how many, if you are religious state which religion.
  • Don’t stall. Don’t wait for months of great emails to finally meet and realize you have no chemistry with that person.  Have a great conversation for a week and then meet that way your not wasting that time.
  • Go on at least two dates with that person. Listen I can be awkward and nervous when I go out on the first date. But then I start to warm that’s when my sparkling personality comes out.

I’m sure there is more tips but these simple ones I’ll follow. Now if I’m going to take this seriously I’m going to try different websites for six months.

lds singles

LDS this is for LDS men.


OKcupid-it’s free so this should bring on a different set of men.


Zoosk-this is the top dating website so why not try it.

Well, my friends, I will be documenting this process and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck! If you guys have recommendations let me know.




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