Kitchen DIY: Part 3 – Pulls, sink, lights and tile

Let’s talk accessories… kitchen accessories. Now, remember when my kitchen looked like this?

Three Whims: DIY how to refinish oak cabinets

Yeesh… I do! So when we decided to overhaul this mess, we knew that we needed high quality finishes that weren’t going to eat out our small budget. After a bunch of research, here is what we decided on.

Drawer and Cabinet Pulls – We got these great pulls here from, which are extremely high quality, and a way better price than we could find anywhere else. At $1.79 a pull, it’s really a steal. Especially when you have to order like 30. The only downside was that the screws they provided weren’t the greatest, so we used our own.

Three Whims: DIY Kitchen remodel - drawer pulls

Sink and Faucet – We are in love with this stainless steel set from Costco. We found it in the store, so I’m not sure if they sell the exact same on online, but the brand is American Standard and the complete set was around $189, give or take a few dollars.

Three Whims: DIY kitchen remodel

Lights – To replace our awful above-the-sink spotlight, we chose this light from Ikea, and it really makes a world of difference – for only $39.99.

Three Whims: DIY Kitchen remodel - lighting

Back Splash Tile – Of course, the one tile that I fell completely head over heels for (from Contempo Tile), turned out to be the most difficult type to install. Apparently, subway tile, for one, is ridiculous to install because you literally have to do one single tile at a time with a million spacers to make sure they are evenly distributed, as opposed to sheets. Also, the size of tile made it so the husband had to make a bunch of special cuts to fit the tiles around everything. Then, of course, I picked a glass tile, which is way harder to cut and requires special grout and stuff. So basically, the husband had an awesome time working on this for me. But at least it looks AMAZING!

Three Whims: DIY Kitchen remodel - back splash tile

Needless to say, we are thrilled with our choices. Feel free to check out the big reveal here for more full kitchen photos.




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