Oh the places I want to go

Lately I have been thinking about traveling…okay I always think about traveling but I really would like to go on a trip next spring. Since I just started a new job and have to accumulate paid time to off I have to wait but that’s good because I can save. I have been thinking about different places I would like to go, including international and national.

Ireland-I have a lot of Irish in my blood so I’m dying to see this land.


Spain-Tapas and gorgeous views enough said.


Salem, Massachusetts-I feel like I need to take a trip in October to visit this place but regardless Massachusetts has such cute surrounding towns.


Newport, Rhode Island-I hear this is an amazing place to visit and I love go to the east coast.


New York City/Hamptons-I have always wanted to go the Hamptons and even though I have been to New York City there is still so much to see.


New York City

Which place would you want to go?






Bewitched by Salem, MA: But Not Why you Think


Rolling Around Dublin, Ireland: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide


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