Kitchen DIY: Part 2 – Our DIY Kitchen Island

When my in-laws decided to renovate their kitchen and asked if we wanted their old oak cabinets, our immediate answer was, “Yes, please!” We (the husband) put most of them in the garage for extra storage, but we (the husband) hand-picked two of the lower cabinets to be made into a little movable island for our kitchen. The island is super duper heavy, but we decided not to attach it to the floor just in case we ever need to pull the fridge out or something.

Unfortunately, my husband is such a go-getter, and starts on his projects so quickly, that he often forgets to take any before pictures, despite my constant nagging of, “What about the blog?!” Poor me, right? Haha. I will take his lack of before pictures any day if that means he will keep doing projects for me and start working on them so quickly.

So, no before or process photos, but here is what he did to build the island:

  1. Took two old base cabinets and connected them together with screws and reinforced their frames with 2×4’s
  2. Covered outside walls with wainscoting, trim and molding with finishing nails and glue
  3. Patched all nail holes with joint compound
  4. Patched all gaps between the two connected cabinets and any damage with joint compound
  5. Refinished the front of the cabinets and filled grain (as outlined in my post here about refinishing oak cabinets)
  6. Painted entire island
  7. Applied poly-acrylic (as outlined in my post here about refinishing oak cabinets)
  8. Added new hardware
  9. Had granite installed at same time as the rest of the kitchen

And here are some after photos of our beautiful new kitchen island, and much needed extra counter space.

Three Whims: DIY kitchen island made from old oak lower cabinets

Three Whims: DIY kitchen island made from old oak lower cabinets

Thanks husband, for all your hard work!




3 thoughts on “Kitchen DIY: Part 2 – Our DIY Kitchen Island

  1. Anna S

    I love it! It looks amazing! Does that little thing on the right pull out into a cutting board? Cobra is such a genius! But obviously most credit should go to you for style/inspiration right? 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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