Neighborhood Gelato

I spent a few weeks gorging gelato in Italy when I was in college, and since then I haven’t been able to feel the same way about ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, ice cream is good, but gelato is just better. That’s why finding this little gelato shop just blocks from my house made me a little bit giddy and it wasn’t long after moving in that we ventured out to this little spot. What better place to visit after a leisurely stroll on a hot day than the local gelato shop?

Sweetaly is located on Stratford, sandwiched between a hair salon and an Italian restaurant (one that I need to visit ASAP). I believe we were served by the owner who was patient in helping my little ones pick out the perfect flavor, even letting them sample more flavors than they probably needed.

How did it taste? Well, let’s just say it was so tasty that I was too distracted eating to even take a picture of it. I think, though, that the picture of Rose not wanting to waste a single drop speaks volumes about how scrumptious it was.

FullSizeRender 19

If you find yourself in Sugar House and need a treat, definitely give this place a try!





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