Defying Gravity-AntiGravity Fitness

Recently, I have been looking at all sorts of different workouts and one workout I came across is antigravity fitness. I googled this workout and a new studio Awaken Studios came up with all sorts of antigravity fitness classes. I have actually seen this studio driving by on my way to Target. The first thing I noticed was how new it is and how many different classes it has including antigravity, Pilates, yoga, high fitness, and TRX. I signed up for the fundamental class for antigravity since Awaken Studios states that you should at least take two fundamental classes before you do any of the other antigravity classes.


The first class you sign up for is free and it’s a must. When I walked in the studio the first thing I notice is the nice new studio with great apparel and friendly receptionist. Everything is clean and white not to mention they have showers, lockers, and a day care. This place is awesome. I walked into the room that had great lighting and met the instructor Gaby. She basically taught me how to get on the hammock, how to grip the hammock properly and did some upside down inversions. It was a blast! Gaby was super patient with all of us newbies and I was able to do everything through her detailed instructions.


There are some setbacks. The biggest one is if you get motion sickness this workout might not be for you. I was even feeling a little light headed by the end of the class which I was told is normal and that you will get use to it. They also have peppermint oils to help with your sickness. I talked to Gaby because I didn’t feel like this class was difficult and more fun than workout. But obviously this is a fundamental class; Awaken has 8 different antigravity fitness classes, such as aerial yoga, airbarre, suspension fitness and more. Gaby said that this workout isn’t just fun, but killer, especially suspension fitness and you will see results for losing weight and toning your body. I would recommend this workout to at least try once and I would really recommend this studio. They have so many options for all fitness levels. Check it out!




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