Conversations and Impressions with my family

I had an opportunity in which my sister asked me if I could come and babysit her kids while she and her husband went to Mexico. I being the good and loving sister agree plus it would give me time to hang out in Portland and have fun with my two nephews and niece. While hanging out with the kiddies Noahnator 8 years old, Jude 6 years, Gigi 4 years old. I have written down some of their most interesting conversations.



N: “Ginger this pasta is so good you could be on Top Chief…I mean you won’t win but you would do okay.” J: yeah but if she did win she could give us the $100.” Me: ”Thanks guys” Oh and in case you were wondering about this delicious pasta its Knorr Pasta side Alfredo flavor.

G: “Shut up shut up you just need to shut up” Me: ”Gigi that’s not very nice”, G: “I’m not talking to you I’m talking to my brain” Me: ”okay… that still isn’t nice to say to your brain.” G: “Well it kicked me” Right.

G:”I have a nose bleed help” (she is starting to cry at this point so I quickly started to help her) Me: ”Oh no do you get nose bleeds a lot?” G: “Only when I pick my nose” Me: “don’t pick your nose Gigi.” G:”It’s been a hard day I had a nose bleed and I threw up.” Me: “you threw up?? When??” G: “you don’t want to know.”

Me: “Boys please stop fighting” G: “Fight, Fight, Fight.” “Really Gigi??”

J: “Can I have a donut?” Me: “No you will have something at the movie theater.” J:”I never get my way” (whinny sound) G: “Don’t be such a drama queen Judy.”  J: “Don’t call me JUDY.” I just kept walking

G: “You should see my bathing suits they look so fancy on me.”


At the end of the day I have learned a lot about myself from these crazy kids starting with only wanting 1 kid or zero. I am a very mean Aunt and other Aunts let Jude have donuts. Everybody likes going to the park. These kids are great and I can’t wait to hear what else comes out of their mouths.












2 thoughts on “Conversations and Impressions with my family

  1. justelly1

    So funny 😀
    I often have been babysitting my godchild. Most time it was so cute what she had to say like planing her marriage with her boyfriend when both were 4 years old.
    Or how she tried so hard to keep the christmas present for her Dad a secret: ” I’m not telling you that you will get a watch for christmas” LOL
    But there are embarrising moments too. Like when she told everyone her mom had her period. You had to see the face of my friend. We all were sitting in a bus full of people and Sonja said it really loud hahaha


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