The Summer of Hikes

The sun is out, the days are longer and you suddenly find yourself living off a diet of otter pops. That’s right people, summer is here or coming depending on if you really go by the calendar. In the past couple of days Utah has been having its first heat wave and it gets me so excited that I have started to think about summer and all the things I want to plan. I always start the summer with setting goals of things I want to try and its more of a mental list but my main thing is Hiking. Hiking to me is something that I like the idea of and I put it on my online dating profile that I love it but realistically I could count the times I have gone hiking on my fingers. I live in Utah with incredible hiking trails and I have put it as a main priority to be really active this summer so I have compiled a list of the top 5 hiking trails that I will do at some point this summer. It also helps that my new roommate who shall be called Bacon is a big hiker.


The Narrows-Zion National Park

I will have to wear good waterproof shoes but this looks amazing and a great way to cool off.

Silver Lake-Brighton, Utah

silver lake

This is apparently a gorgeous hike with great views and will make you one with nature.

Donut Falls-Big cottonwood Canyon area, Utah

dounut falls

This is one of the best known hikes in Utah so of course I should do it.

Lake Blanche-Somewhere outside of Salt Lake City, Utah

Stitched Panorama

Bacon recommended this to me she said its a beautiful hike.

The Living Room-again somewhere outside of Salt Lake City, Utah


What I have read that makes this unique is the rocks look like living room furniture…original I know.

Anyway this is the list I have come up with so if anyone has any recommends let us know.



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