Favorite Netflix Shows for Toddlers

Like I mentioned in my post here about how to watch Netflix in Spanish, I don’t advocate letting your children watch television or movies, but there are times when this can be a saving grace.

Currently, I am 5 months pregnant, and still feel nauseous every morning (shouldn’t that be gone by now?). But I’m not complaining, because this is nothing compared to what my first trimester was like, which also happened to be in the dead of winter. I was basically a non-functional human being for a couple months there, so unfortunately Titan had a bit more screen time than is usually allowed.

Now, there are a lot of okay shows for toddlers to watch on Netflix, but these two are my favorites, hands-down.

Monster Math Squad

Three Whims: favorite netflix shows for toddlers

At first, it really surprised me how much Titan likes this show. But it shouldn’t have, because I’m quite the math-nerd myself. In fact, it brought back memories of how in second grade art class, our teacher asked us to draw a picture that showed what our favorite part of school was. All the other kids drew pictures of recess, or P.E., or lunch… I drew a picture of my math book. Yeah, I was that kid.

I was also skeptical of how a show was going to teach my toddler math and keep it interesting (I was thinking addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.), but this show really nails it on the head. They teach things like shapes, how to measure size, small vs. big, etc. And I have seen proof that he is applying the things they teach to his life.

One day, they taught about how it is hard to count things that are in a big jumbled mess, and that you should line them up to be able to count them better. Two days later, he was trying to count some blocks and I heard him saying to himself, “got to line them up” so that he could count them better.

Monster Math Squad is a win.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood


Three Whims: favorite netflix shows for toddlers

About a year ago, one of my best friends told me that she wanted to write a letter to the creators of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to thank them for helping her to be a better parent and for teaching her child how to deal with emotions. I didn’t quite get what she meant at the time, but now that we have experienced the magic of DTN, I couldn’t agree more.

Seriously, this show is amazing at depicting different scenarios that your child is very likely to experience, where they will feel either sad, frustrated, angry etc. However, the best thing is that they not only show your child that these feelings are okay to feel and how to try to deal with them, but they show great examples of how the adults handle the situations as well.

For example, Daniel Tiger’s parents are often saying things (and in a very calm manner), like, “Daniel, I can see how you might feel frustrated…” and then go on to give advice. Recognizing and understanding feelings is such a huge part of being a toddler, and I feel like DTN really helps with this.

I’m especially loving the fact that we are getting to the part where Daniel gets a baby sister, something that is going to happen for Titan soon, so he gets to see examples of things that might happen and hopefully be more prepared.

So, dear creators of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, thank you for helping me to be a better parent and for helping my child to better understand his emotions and how to deal with them.

Any other great education shows out there for toddlers??




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