Fooding around in Montréal & Québec City part 2

Bonjour! If you any of you are visiting for the first time you can read part 1 here to get caught up on fooding around in Montréal. Now continuing our adventure on our third day in Montréal Blondie and I decided to do a day trip in the gorgeous Québec City. Québec City is best known for being the oldest city in North America. I feel like the French roots are deep in Québec City and it shows with its food. Early in the morning we just ate pasties we got from Olive+Gourmando while on the bus. We also ate a few snacks along the way that isn’t anything to brag about since Blondie and I were starving. We finally had the chance to break from our tour group and experience the beauty of the city by eating at restaurant 1640. A restaurant that has been around since 1640….I actually made that up I don’t know if it has but it’s this awesome restaurant that has a bright blood red roof. This time both Blondie and I had a coconut chicken curry. It was really good.


Blondie and slowly explored the city for a couple of hours until we came across La Masion Smith. A darling café at this point we decide to take a sit and look out at the courtyard eating macaroons. At this point it started to rain and Québec city is beautiful in the rain.


Our finally day in Montréal we decided to hit up the hip neighborhood of Mile End. But first we ate our last brunch at Le Cartel a more local less touristy spot in Old Montréal. The place was kind of a surprise there were no people in front but once you were inside it was packed. Luckily we got seated quickly. Our final brunch meals included scrambled eggs on toast with cheddar cheese and asparagus as Blondie got it with goats cheese…her meal was taster. But both meals were so good.


Now I loved Old Montréal and I loved loved Québec City but Mile End has my heart. It truly reminded me Portland, home. With its quirkiness great architecture and awesome eatery’s I could have stayed another day just to eat at all of the bakery’s and brunch places. Now we heard that Montréal has these incredible but different bagels. So we had to try so we hit up one of these local joints and there were a lot of bagel shops. We tried St-Viateur Bagel, originating since 1957 and open 24 hours a day.  It was so good. The bagels are different more dense in the dough almost like a pretzel consistence where you would pull off a piece and dip it into your cream cheese. I just wish we could have bought more. There were many bagel shops dotting the neighborhood including the famous Fairmount bagel having a line wrapping around the building.



For our final dinner we wanted to go to a more French venue so we went to, Restaurant Papillon a touristy place with great curb appeal and a more 70s late 80s atmosphere inside. This made Blondie and I worried that we weren’t going to have good food but we were wrong we both order the Coq au Vin a chicken that has been sauteed and roasted in wine sauce with veggies. Whoa Nelly it was good and using our bread to soak up the wine sauce oh it was a great last dish.

imageOur final food  experience of Montréal  was simply exquisite and luckily we saved this for our last night because if we knew about this place sooner…we would have eaten here everyday. Maison Christian Faure world famous pastry shop filled with wonders. French pasties everywhere including some of the best macaroons I have ever had in my life. We decided to get 3 desserts and eat them back at our place. We got a chocolate raspberry mousse cake, lemon meringue tart, and a raspberry dome tart. They were everything I thought they would be rich, many different textures in one bite. I could cry they were so good. I highly recommend eating at this place if you are in town it is well worth the trip.


My biggest advice to visiting any place is to remember to save up money for a good food budget. My favorite thing about this trip was experiencing the food in these incredible cities. It was drinking hot chocolate and munching on macaroons in Québec City as you were sitting in the oldest city in North America watching the rain fall. Or eating foie gras in a restaurant with old stone bricks listening to live jazz music play. Or even sitting in a city square in mile end eating a bagel watching people buy flowers at the flower market. These moments are what stay with you. What are some of your favorite food memories?




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