Overcoming the Post-Trip Blues

For me, there is nothing quite like the anticipation of a trip I have been planning  for the last six months. Having that date marked out on my calendar showing that I am off to somewhere makes me giddy. The adventure happens and it is incredible. Then, the inevitable for me, the post-trip blues kick in.

You know what I am talking about. It happens to some the day after Christmas. All that planning and anticipation leads to one memory filled event and with the snap of your fingers it is over.

I get this way after trips. This time I went without my family and so I was really looking forward to getting home and cuddling the crap out of them. We celebrated me being home and then things got back to normal. I have definitely been trying to make a conscious effort in the past few years to live and love the moment I am in, but I have also learned a few tips to help me battle that weird post-trip melancholy that is almost inevitable.

While I digest my Montréal trip and prepare a few blog posts about it, this is where I am now and what I am doing to fight this weird post-trip blues phenomenon.

1) Write about it

This works out well for me because right now I have the blog, but I also keep a trip journal that I start before I leave on any major trip. I am sure I will post about what that includes later, but I find that writing about how much fun I had during the trip helps me.

2) Start a project

I feel like the people, like me, who have this happen, need things to look forward to. It can be as small or big as you want it to be. For me, I have a rather large project I latched onto since we are remodeling the house we are moving into. I have been able to throw myself into picking out things and planning for my girls’ new bedrooms.

3) Head to the gym

Or run outside or pop in a workout video. This is so simple but for me, it works wonders.

4) See the sights in your hometown

My mantra for the past few years has been to treat Salt Lake City like I am a tourist living in it. We all know the grass isn’t always greener, and sometimes while I am dreaming of faraway places, I am missing out here. So find a festival, or a hike, or something fun to do where you live. Nothing is worse than just sitting around after a great trip.

5) Plan the next one

If you are like me, you make travel a priority so you make room in the budget for it by sacrificing other things. Since I have been able to do that, I know that as long as I plan it, I should be able to have a trip in my future. Give yourself a while to decompress and then pull out a map and think of where you haven’t been and where you are off to next!

Now I get it, in the world of problems out there, this is a minor one, but hey nobody likes to feel down and sometimes feeling down about small things leads to feeling down about bigger things. Any other tips from fellow travelers out there?




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