Fooding around in Montréal: Part 1

We’re back! Oh what a trip. I have to say that Montréal and Quebec City were incredible. Great sites, friendly people, lots of exploring and glorious food. When we decided to go to Montréal I started to decide what kinds foods and places I wanted to try. Montréal has a lot of different backgrounds mainly French with a maple twist.

Our first night, we both were tired but filled with excitement of exploring Old Montréal. We went a few blocks and found a cute Parisian style restaurant/deli Boucherie Charcuterie  with a bakery and amazing smoked meats.


I looked at the menu and decided on a gruyere and ham sandwich with a small salad.


Blondie got a apple, brie, and ham crepe with a drizzle of maple syrup. Now disclosure it became quite apparent that Blondie ordered the better dishes throughout the trip. I should have learned to just eat what she was eating.


We decided to take a walk along the port and found this great stand that sells maple taffy on snow. The girl would pour the taffy syrup on the snow and let it sit and then put a stick on it and wind it up. It was such a sweet treat and was great for being mobile.


The next day we woke up hungry and decided to hit up the recommendation that our lovely Airbnb hosts said was a must, Olive+Gourmando. This place was great and had such a setting with yummy pastries and great food.


I ordered a poached egg, cheese, ham and sriracha sandwich. Whoa Nelly this was amazing great textures and with just the right amount of spicy.


Blondie got the chia pudding which of course I tasted and it was like a fresh start to the day. It had a mixture of chia pudding, mango puree, fresh fruit, a form of granola, and coconut shavings. It was YUM! As we were leaving we made sure to grab some pastries on our way out.


During lunch time we were starving and picked a place that was pretty touristy and the food wasn’t anything to brag about we decided to share some dishes, margarita pizza and a brie fondue.


For dinner we decided to splurge and go to Modavie a delicious dinner from start to finish.


We started off with the legendary foie gras with raspberry and it was interesting. For those who don’t know what  foie gras is well it is a duck and goose liver. Blondie really showed off by taking the first bite. It was an interesting experience.


I’m a big fan of lamb, so when it came to ordering a lamb pasta it was a no brainier and it was so good I ate the whole plate. Blondie got a chicken pasta with a truffle cream sauce with bacon.


For dessert we shared this rich chocolate dome with chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake, a chocolate gauche with chocolate shavings that added to the texture. It was beautiful the mousse with light and the cake was moist with the slight crunchiness of the chocolate shavings. The raspberry sauce gave it that sweet tartness to balance out the bitterness of the chocolate. It was a great end to the dinner.


So far the food had not disappointed in Montréal! Stayed tuned for next week’s post for part 2 in fooding, where we take a day trip to Quebec City and hit Mile End, the land of bagels.




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