Our First Garden (part 2)

The other title I was considering for this post was, “What the Hail,” because two days after we planted all of the beautiful plants we got from the Wasatch Community Gardens annual plant sale (you can read about that here), we got hit with the most torrential hail storm I have ever seen. The hail was about the size of dimes, but it came down with such force that in just 5 minutes, it tore golf ball size holes in our patio roof and shredded all of our plants to bits.

This is what one of the survivors looked like:

Three Whims: our first garden experience - learning tips and tricks

Pretty sad, right? I was half convinced that my husband would run out in the hail storm to protect his precious tomato plants with his body, but the hail storm was too much even for that.

Before the storm, we even had cute little broccoli florets growing in our broccoli plants, but those are all history as well. Does anyone know if new ones will grow? Or should we just tear the plants out? Sigh.

At this point, we are just trying to nurse our little stumps back to health. We did end up buying a couple extra tomato plants for just in case (can you tell how much we love fresh garden tomatoes?), and a couple more sweet pepper plants as well, so we should get at least something out of our sad little garden.

We also planted seeds this week. We were told by our local garden expert that of the plants we wanted to plant, the following were best done by seedling:

  • cucumbers
  • green beans
  • basil
  • squash

We know literally nothing about planting seeds and such, so we were also informed of the following. You plant seeds in separate holes, a few inches away from each other (as directed on the back of the seed packets) but you also plant them in mounds, with a few seeds in each mound. Then, after the seedlings start to grow, you thin them out and leave just the best few plants.

Three Whims: our first garden experience - learning tips and tricks

Garden Beans – we did 6 mounds with about 20 seeds in each mound

Cucumber – we did 2 mounds with 6 seeds in each mound, we will end up keeping the best 3 plants that grow

Squash – we did one mound for each type of squash, and will end up keeping 3-4 of the best plants

Cross your fingers for us that we get some plants out of all this work. You can read the part one of this post here to see how wide eyed and optimistic we were at the beginning of this journey, haha.



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