My (Almost) Perfect Montréal Stitch Fix

I am beyond thrilled to be getting another stamp in my passport this week. As you might know from Ginger’s post here, we decided to take a girl’s trip to Montréal, Canada. Why Montréal? To be honest, it was a pretty random decision fueled by a desire to go somewhere neither of us have been with one qualification- that it be somewhere out of the country. When I read somewhere that Montréal’s cuisine is a mix of Portland and Paris, I knew we made the right choice. You can read about my Portland trip here and my day trip from Paris here.

So my fix. Yes, I left it up to the stylists at Stitch Fix to find me 5 Montréal worthy clothing items that I could proudly pack in my carry-on.*I will be honest, getting this fix was a bit of a stressor. I realized about a day after I got my shipping confirmation that I left my old address on my account. The next week was a bit of a debacle (that was really my fault) and I ended up getting 2 fixes. I was scared to send the first one back, as they instructed, and wait for the second. What if it didn’t get here in time? What if I actually had to (gasp) go to the mall and shop? Well, I am glad I waited because my second fix was Montréal perfect.

What I Got

Lemon Tart Kienna Patch Detail Pullover Sweater

Three Whims: Stitch Fix #9 Lemon Tart Kienna Patch Detail Pullover Sweater

This is  proof that my new stylist actually looked at my style Pinterest board. I pinned this exact sweater and after 8 fixes she is the one who sent it to me. I wrote in my note about Montréal that we should expect weather that will require layers since it is changeable this time of year and this sweater will be perfect for one of the cooler days I am anticipating.

Street Level Rihanna Tasseled Crossbody

Three Whims: Review of Stitch Fix #9 Street Level Rihanna Tasseled Crossbody

In my note, my stylist mentioned that this will be a perfect small bag to carry essentials for outings. I love that it is a cross body bag so I can be hands free and keep my things close to me.

Brixon Ivy Pinol Lace Overlay Blouse

Three Whims: Review of Stitch Fix #9 Brixon Ivy Pinol Lace Overlay Blouse

I love lace and white, although I tend to spill on anything that is white. That is why my husband gave me a Tide stick in my Montréal survival kit (he just gets me). This will be perfect to dress up or down and the little peplum look in the back adds interest to this top.

Pixley Ruba Anorak Jacket

Three Whims: Review of Stitch Fix #9 Pixley Ruba Anorak Jacket

It might be hard to tell from the pic, but this Anorak jacket is made of tencel so it has a little dressier feel than most I have seen. As you can also see, I need to get the wrinkles out of this beauty before I head off on my trip. The off-centered zipper makes it just a little edgier that jackets I have had in the past.

Kut From The Kloth Aviva Boyfriend Jean

Three Whims: Review of Stitch Fix #9 Kut From The Kloth Aviva Boyfriend Jeans

Now these jeans are the “almost” in my title. I love the style, but the reality is that they are just a little bit too big. I decided to keep them, though, since my discount for keeping all 5 equaled the cost of the jeans. I am crossing my fingers that I can just dry them and get them close enough that I will wear them or even put those 2 years of design school to use and take them in a bit.

I would qualify this fix as a definite success. If you haven’t tried this out yet, its worth a try! Follow this link if you want to get your own box. (I do get a referral credit if you follow that link so if you don’t want that to happen, just visit their website here to sign up!)

By the time this posts,  I will be exploring Montréal rocking my new Stitch Fix clothes. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of posts about our trip and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more!



*This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like having a stylist pick out clothes for me and sharing the experience with you!


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