Au Revoir Salt Lake, Montréal here we come!

The time has finally come, we are heading to Montréal! I decided to do a quick post, to not only to remind you guys to follow our Instagram to see some amazing pictures of this  scenic city, but to share some things we plan to do.

The first thing we planned is where to stay and that became a very easy choice, Old Montréal. We booked an Airbnb which if you aren’t familiar with what it is go here. Airbnb is a great option and allows you to stay in local neighborhoods for an affordable price.


The first day, Thursday, we want to do some fun basic things and explore the city by doing a walking tour. On Friday day we will be traveling to Québec City and we will do that through another tour. Lastly, Saturday, is some more exploring of the city.

This trip is really about discovering an unknown city, eating new foods, learning the history and people watching. Stay tuned for updates on the blog and Instagram!



Pictures were found:,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNGGVJG_FO5XO-lQydMxcTvJ8K7swg&ust=1463031617390938,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNF9PziJZED3cjbQD_eSzdYA_isl2g&ust=1463031688050552



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