Garden Stroll

One of the things I love about working in downtown Salt Lake City is that I get to wander around and discover new things during the little breathers I take to get away from my desk. I am frequently stumbling on new things. This week I found the Garden Stroll, nestled on main street between the east and west sides of City Creek.

There are 8 of these little garden art installations, each one with a different theme. All of them (with the exception of one that is in a building behind glass) promote the gathering of people, providing benches and resting places to sit and enjoy the city.


There is a garden with a game…

IMG_4346 2.JPG

and even a solar powered charging station.



This goes until Sunday, May 8th, so if you are looking for a way to enjoy Salt Lake City this Mother’s Day weekend, head downtown and check these little mini gardens out! You can end your Garden Stroll at Temple Square like we did because as all my fellow Utahn’s know, the gardens are breathtaking this time of year.






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