Foodtrepreneur Festival

Salt Lake City is going the a food renaissance with yummy restaurants using locally produced products. One of my fellow whims let me know about the upcoming Foodtrepreneur Festival at the Leonardo Museum. This has two of my favorite things, food and a festival, not to mention it was FREE.image

Anyway, I decided to go with my lovely coworker who shall be call Raven to this FREE event. I love local food because it creates pride for the city I live in. Yeah, no one can get this item anywhere but in Salt Lake city, suck it Portland…just kidding Portland you’re amazing take me back.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of the vendors have products that are sugar free, or no preservatives or no gluten. This was the case with 4 salsa vendors, 2 chocolate vendors and some juice vendors. I believe chocolate should have sugar-I’m just saying.

I was pretty blown away by some of the food at the event.


Here are my top 3 favorite local foods that you can get in the local grocery stores such Harmon’s and Liberty Heights. All of you readers that don’t live in Utah can come here and know what local snacks to get. Oh and you can also get any of these foods at the Farmer’s Market at Pioneer Park that opens up in a few weeks.

lick’d Pops- Popsicleimage


I love these!!! I came across this brand last year at the Saturday’s farmers market and fell in love. My first encounter was with the strawberry basil one and oh mama it’s refreshing. It’s great on a hot day walking around stalls at the farmers market. So when I saw this vendor at the festival I ran to get a sample. I got the key lime pie which I was originally told that is was Banana Cream pie but I got a little surprise. I’m not a fan of key lime pie but this was a delicious pop. It has the perfect combination of creamy and tart from the lime and some sweetness with the graham cracker crust. This brand will be a staple in my freezer for the coming summer.It can be found at Harmons and you can order Online .

Jafflz- South African Pocket Sandwiches


I have eaten two of these sandwiches but I needed to to do a through review on both the savory and sweet version of this delightful sandwich. I swear the moment I stepped off the escalator on the third floor of the Leonardo I could smell these babies. I first thought it was a waffle stand until closer inspection. What a simple and delicious concept-a great example of what great street food should taste like- quality ingredients with many different flavors. I had the Ba-bootie Jafflz which had a lamb curry that gave a kick of spice and sweetness from raisins it had great texture it was also very filling cough cough so naturally I had a second one. I had a PB&J Jafflz which was classic. It was warm, too, which really played up the flavors with the crunchiness of the toasted bread. It was one of the best PB&j’s I have ever had, well, minus the ones my mom made. Jaffz can be order online here.

Polka Bean-Varities of Beansimage


Okay now I know what you’re thinking…beans? Well let me state what makes Polka Bean unique. First, holy cow, I had no idea that beans can work not only as savory but sweet too. This brand produces different types of beans with different textures, such as a roasted crunchy black bean coated with caramel and cinnamon. It’s so good. I would eat this as a healthier alternative to popcorn or peanuts even. Polka Bean also sells a tender chickpea garlic mixture that works well for any side for dinner. Not to mention the plentiful selection of hummus as well as a delicious chocolate hummus that would work great with pretzels, or on toast. So where can you buy this? Well you can find Polka Bean at the Farmer’s Market or you can even order from Polka Bean on Etsy. Check it out.

There was a lot of great local food vendors at the festival and I’m excited to see them at the upcoming Farmer’s Market on June 11th at Pioneer Park.





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