City Stroller Rentals -a review on my Disneyland stroller rental experience

I knew Titan would need a good stroller for Disneyland, but I didn’t want to put mine through airport baggage abuse. Luckily, my cousin recommended City Stroller Rentals. This was the easiest rental I have ever experienced.

What I liked:

  • I got the cheapest stroller, which was perfect for our needs, and it only cost me $35 for 3 days of use.
  • They delivered to and picked up from my hotel for free.
  • It was clean and well kept.
  • It came with a clearly visible sign on the back with my last name, so I was able to easily locate it in stroller parking areas.
  • They offer theft and damage insurance, if that makes you feel better about things (I was very tempted to do this, because I am overly paranoid, but after talking to a few friends, decided not to. I didn’t leave anything valuable in the stroller ever, and nothing happened to it, so I feel good about my decision).

What I didn’t like:

  • It wasn’t free, haha. Seriously, I have no real complaints.

City Stroller Rentals was perfect for our Disney trip, and I will definitely be using them again for future stroller rentals.

Three Whims: my Disneyland experience with City Stroller Rentals





7 thoughts on “City Stroller Rentals -a review on my Disneyland stroller rental experience

  1. Anna S

    What!!! So jealous that you went to Disneyland! This is a great idea. I wish they’d do this everywhere… I get so sick of bringing Sophie’s stroller through the airport!


      1. Anna S

        YES! That would be amazing! I want to go soooo badly and Steve has promised he’ll take me eventually… I might be able to persuade him if Big C is there!


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