National Park Week

A little over a year ago I made a goal to live like a tourist in my home state of Utah. I live to travel, but my travel budget doesn’t always match up with my travel appetite and I found myself getting listless when I couldn’t just jump up and take off to Croatia or New York City or wherever my heart was set on for that day. I had an epiphany about my home state, though, when I realized how little I had really explored in my own backyard and how stunning this state is. We have 5 National Parks and I had only been to one of them! My epiphany was well timed because Fodor actually named Utah their #1 Go List travel destination of 2016. Yep, that’s my state (You can read about that here).

There are 5 National Parks in Utah:

  1. Arches
  2. Canyonlands
  3. Capital Reef
  4. Bryce Canyon
  5. Zion

So far, we have explored 2 of them with our girls, Arches and Zion.

In Arches, my big, little explorer was in heaven…

DSCN2554And my little, little explorer just wanted her teeth to come in so she was on my back the whole time…DSCN2584


At Zion’s this past month, my littlest had no trouble keeping up. We bought bikes and a bike trailer recently and I will say that it is one of the best investments for family time we have ever made. Our morning bike ride in Zion’s was pretty unforgettable.



This week is National Park week (it goes until Sunday the 24th) which means park entrance is free! So if you live in Utah, or anywhere else for that matter, take advantage of these free entrance days to go and explore the beautiful spots that are close to you. I have learned in this past year that it doesn’t take a plane ticket to make an adventure.

We are off this weekend to take Rose and Reuvo to Goblin Valley for their first time and I hope you go and explore somewhere new,too!





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