Best FREE Language Apps

There is a time every year I get restless and get this all-consuming feeling of wanderlust. We live in an incredible world that I ache to explore so I am happy to announce that I am planning a trip! My fellow Whim, Blondie, will be joining me. Sadly, Brunette won’t be joining us this time, but we are hoping to plan a trip for the three of us in the future.

So can you guess where we are going? Is it San Francisco? New Orleans? No it’s not any of those places; we are going to Montréal, Québec, Canada. The gorgeous French speaking country filled with incredible food, architecture and we don’t even have to leave the continent to get there.

When I first told my people of my plans to go there I got two questions, Montréal where is that? Why Montréal? First of all I have been wanting to got to Montréal for ages, it has some of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in North America. Not to mention their national language is French.  Since I don’t speak French and Blondie says she is a little rusty, I decided to take advantage of my IPhone and the many wonder language apps.  I am here to educate you on the best FREE language apps.

  1. Mango-What I like about Mango is it jumps right into simple conversational French, Hello, How are you, etc. which is great for wanting to know quick verses to get you through. It makes you record yourself and then you can play it simultaneously and realize, like I did, that my French is terrible.
  1. Memrise-Like Mango it teaches you simple conversational French. Unlike Mango though, it does it through games and incorporates English as well. This app is great and I now know how to say “how” Comment. FRENCH
  1. Duolingo-I have been using this app for a while and it’s created for you to learn French not just simple phrases. It will teach you the basics of the language through games, which is fun. The other great thing is it points out your weaknesses and will test you again to improve on the terms that you’re weak on. The downside is that if you are looking for basic simple terms you will have to go through a lot of lessons to hit that section.


So which is my favorite? Well I don’t have one, they are all great! It just depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to really learn French go with Duolingo, if you want to know that basics to get you through Montréal then go with either Mango or Memrise. If you guys have any recommendations let us know!

Adios or should I say Au Revoir





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