Lululemon Workout Challenge (Part 2)

At this point of the Lululemon Challenge I was so sore! After 6 days of crazy work outs  the challenge continues with #Fuelyou at the Lululemon Trolley Square store.

Lululemon Trolley Square Store #FUELYOU-Saturday Morning



When I went to this class I thought it was yoga, so I was wearing sandals caring my yoga mat. This turned out not be yoga this was a HITT with lots of jumping for about a half hour. This was a cool experience minus the fact I was barefoot. The instructor who was teaching it was trying to show that you can get a great cardio work out in a half hour. It was a tough workout and only made me hurt. Luckily, afterwards we did do a half an hour of yoga and I didn’t feel like such an idiot wearing sandals. I would rate this class, but this was a one time event. Trolley Square store does do yoga on Sundays for free; however I didn’t go on yoga Sunday. It was a fun workout and if Lululemon hosted this workout again I would go!

Salt Lake Power Yoga-PowerRestore-Tuesday

FullSizeRender (23)

Yoga is my jam, so trying new places is always exciting. I have been meaning to go to this place. My first impression was okay. I had a hard time finding parking but maybe I just couldn’t find the actual parking lot. When I first entered the place it felt clean and friendly and had a large tun out. It was a restore class so it wasn’t really a workout. Overall from 1 to 10, 10 being a hard work out I would give it a 1. The place was awesome and it was a great location the instructor was good and the music relaxing. It wasn’t the best restore class I have ever done but I am biased and I’m Corepower yogi. But they have a great program for new students, 30 days for $39.

FullSizeRender (25)

This challenge is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get in contact of the Phoenix Gym. They never answered the phone or my emails. Oh well. Since I have gone to The Bar Method before (read my review here )I didn’t need to review it.

The best part of this challenge was seeing all the cool local gyms and the strong fitness community that Salt Lake City has to offer. If you guys have any suggestions for your favorite gyms ,comment below!




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