Our First Garden (part one)

Last year was our first year having an actual yard. And since last year was consumed by indoor projects, this year will be our first year where we actually have time to plant a vegetable garden (and by “we”, I really just mean the husband, haha). I will contribute by taking pictures, blogging about our (I mean his) experience, and by eating whatever he grows.

Not that I don’t want to garden, but for whatever reason, it gives me major anxiety to think about all these little plants relying on me for their well-being. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I manage to kill even the most resilient of house-plants in record breaking time. I’m basically Nick from New Girl, if you catch my reference.

So good luck, husband, as the future of our garden rests on your shoulders.

For reference, we live in Salt Lake City, so any gardening tips we learn will probably be relevant to similar areas. Since you are supposed to wait until after about Mother’s Day for most planting (so your plants don’t freeze), here is what we have been able to plant thus far:

  • Broccoli (starts)
  • Cauliflower (starts)
  • Onions (starts) – came in a variety pack, with 50 starts. Add bone meal (0ptional).
  • Raspberry bushes (starts) – we actually planted these in the front yard along our side-fence. They need to be about 4 feet apart (they are supposed to spread like mad), and we made sure to get ever-bearing, non-thorny bushes. We are really crossing our fingers to get some raspberries this fall. Add bone meal (optional).

That is all we are able to plant at this point, but we are just excited that we could get started on something.

Keep tuned for our post-Mother’s Day update. We have so much more to do!

Any tips from expert gardeners??





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