Mac & Mia: The Stitch Fix for Tots

By now you all know that my favorite way to shop is to just have someone do it for me, which is possible thanks to things like Stitch Fix and Le Tote (you can read more about those here and here). If there is any kind of shopping that is enjoyable for me, it is shopping for my two little girls, but even those trips can be hard sometimes.

So, Mac & Mia. If you are familiar with Stitch Fix, this is essentially that for toddlers. They are online personal stylists for children. You sign up to receive a box online, a stylist reaches out to you and before you know it you have a box of hand picked clothes for you child on your doorstep. Of course I gave it a shot.

Know Before you Try

  1. The average price is $35 per item. You will have some pricier items in your box and they will be beautiful. Resist if you need to, and if you don’t need to, then splurge! Rose inherited my expensive taste and refused to take off this $68 dress for a solid hour. With that bow in the back, though, who can blame her?Three Whims: Mac &  Mia Review - Stitch Fix for your Tots
  2. The items are higher quality. I have learned after doing hand me downs with my girls that sometimes it is worth the splurge if you plan on passing the piece down to a younger sibling. The cheaper things I bought just didn’t hold up and I ended up only being able to use the more expensive pieces Reuvo had for Rose.
  3. Each box will have about 8-9 items.Three Whims: Review of Mac & Mia clothing for Tots
  4. It feels personal, which I like. My stylist Pam (Hi, Pam!) emailed me beforehand to get an idea of the kinds of things I like/dislike for my girls. This is different from Stitch Fix, because yes, you send a message to your stylist, but there isn’t any back and forth.
  5. You pay a $20 stylist fee per box which gets waived if you keep more than one item.
  6. It’s not a subscription. Three Whims: Review of Mac & Mia clothing box for Tots
  7. Learn from my mistake and don’t order boxes for each kid at the same time. I loved a lot of the pieces that were picked for my girls but let’s be real, my bank account wouldn’t have loved me buying everything for both of them. Space those boxes out.
  8. Prepare for fit issues. This is to be expected right? Trying to figure out what sizes will fit someone else’s toddler of kid would be a challenge.

The Verdict?

I love the quality of all the pieces that were sent to me and the Mac & Mia items are already becoming the first things I grab when I dress my girls. As incredible the dresses were, a few of them were just too expensive for me. That wouldn’t stop me from ordering another box, though. I found plenty of great pieces at a price I felt comfortable with. Rose’s new lemon shirt was perfect for our first warm spring day!


I think that Mac & Mia will be perfect for me for when I want to save some time and splurge on my girls a little bit. A box here and there for family pictures, trips or other special occasions will be perfect. If you try it out, let me know what you think. Click here for a referral link that gives you $20 off your first box if you want to try it out*!



*Disclaimer: If you try it out and keep some items, I do get a referral credit to my account.


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