Lululemon Workout Challenge Part 1

As a yoga enthusiast one of my favorite stores to browse is Lululemon. I was there finally deciding to purchase their famous yoga mat since mine has been driving me crazy and Lululemons yoga mats are highly rated for not slipping. As I was checking out, I got to talking to the store associate who slipped me this little card.

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She explained that Lululemon and local gyms in Salt Lake City were coming together to do the lululemon challenge! For the whole month of March you can could go to some of these local gyms to take one free class. By completing all 10 classes you can turn in your card to get a prize! When she explained this a few things were going through my mind, FREE, it the 19th of March I don’t have that much time, PRIZE, and hold up, can I really do this? The store associate stated that it was the first 3 people who turned in their cards get the PRIZE.  I was familiar with some of the gyms but who doesn’t want to go to a free workout class? So I got my challenge on! Below is my experience with all the different places.

Avenues Yoga-Restore-Monday Night

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I was really excited to try this place, being an avid Core Power yoga girl, I thought it would be nice to get away from the heat. Avenues yoga is located in the popular neighborhood in downtown Salt Lake City. I got annoyed quickly when I realized there was no parking and you had to park on the street two blocks away. But the studio was cool it’s an old industrial building that has been restored with cool exposed brink, original floors and amazing lighting makes for a good atmosphere to get my Namaste on.

My yoga practice has only been at Core Power yoga studios so this was very different and not in a good way. When I walked in I noticed they had no mirrors and you can say “Ginger, are vain or something?” I would reply no, I just like to look at the mirrors to check my form. We also had more objects like a blanket? And some firm pillow like things.  The instructor who was a substitute asked us to get these things. When we started the class I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax for the restore yoga class when there was no music. I can always judge if a yoga instructor is good based on their music. She was no good. Now I understand that she just certified as yoga instructor but still she stumbled over her explanations and didn’t have music and she would ramble on to the point where I tuned her out and she didn’t have MUSIC. I would take a babbling brook or cricket sounds…something. It wasn’t a good class. Overall from a 1 to 10, 10 being a hard work out I would give it a 1, it was a restore class so you do different poses and your suppose to relax. I would come back to try a different class but again I like to have mirrors and a bathroom changing space is important to me.

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9th and 9th Pilates-barrEvolution-Tuesday

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This place isn’t new to me. In fact I have been here once and didn’t have the most positive experience since I couldn’t find parking and it made me late to my first class ever. With that knowledge I was able to go earlier and found some street parking. I have done a few barre classes and I wasn’t sure what I was about to do since this studio is weirdly intimidating and seriously all the girls in this class were super women who were in shape and walked out of a Lululemon catalog. Overall from a 1 to 10, 10 being a hard work out I would give it a 6. It was a great workout but not the hardest barre workout and it really went on the Pilates side and not so much ballet moves. However, I really don’t like the fact that the studio has crappy parking and for that reason I wouldn’t come back.

CorePower Yoga-Yoga 1-Tuesday 9:00pm

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Oh Corepower you are my yoga parent, or my yoga home. Corepower has taught me everything about yoga it held my hand as I did my first crow pose and for that I’m super biased and I think that this studio is amazing. The reason that I have always come back to this chain of great studios is for the price, the cleanliness, the option of showering, and of course the friendly faces. I have never had a bad yoga instructor. In fact one of my favorites taught this class his name is Nick B. He is dreamy; he has a huge fan base so you have to come early to lay down a mat. From a 1 to 10 scale 10 being the hardest I would give this class a 5. This class gets my heart pounding and I love yoga and what it does for my stress, my flexibility and for showing me how incredible my body is. I come here about twice a week the only down side is if you don’t like heated yoga then I would tell you to move on because when you start to advance it’s all heated.

Dash Fitness Studios-Class Obsidian-Wednesday

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Obsidian…what can I say when I first signed up for this class it was very vague about what Obsidian is and what you do in the class. So, I was basically blind when I came into the studio not knowing what I was about to participate in. The first thing I found out is that this place doesn’t have any locker room and you need to exit the studio to use the bathroom somewhere else, which for me was super annoying and I like my gyms to have a bathroom in the studio.

The second thing that I came across is that Dash fitness studio has a strong family like clientele they hugged the instructor as soon as they came in and I felt awkward. Third thing I realized is that everyone that did Obsidian was older, like some were over the age of 50 now I did go to the 4:00pm class so maybe if I went later (which they don’t have Obsidian 101 at later times) I would see some people in their 20s.

Now you guys must be like come on Ginger what the darn diddly is Obsidian. It involves a low impact work out that includes weights and ummmmm well a slide board and cloth things that you put over you shoes to make you GLIDE. If you are having a hard time imaging this please look at this link here. It wasn’t hard to pick up and was fun sometimes until you took a wrong step and fell which might have happened to me. The workout from a 1 to 10, 10 being difficult I would give it a 4. Now let me state it is a low impact workout and I didn’t find it too difficult on like my fellow classmates, I didn’t break a sweat. However, we did 2 minutes of mountain climbers that sucked. Overall I probably won’t come back to this place not that it wasn’t fun because it was but it just wasn’t my thing. But if you are looking to glide then I would definitely come to Dash and take Obsidian.

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Burn-Pilates Reform-Friday

FullSizeRender (18)

Burn Baby burn, okay that might not be the most original statement but that was what was going through my mind while doing my Pilates class. Throughout the process so far I have had the utmost positivity and didn’t ever question this Lululemon challenge until this class. Now I’m realizing I’m insane and that perhaps my fellow whims should check my mental state. I was surprise to learn that Burn is only 3 minutes away from where I live. Walking in had a clean environment with a bathroom in the gym and cubbies for your stuff so overall a great space. The instructor was great and was very informative and clear with her instructions on how to use the reformer, especially for a person like me who has never used a reformer. It kind of looks like a torture instrument ha what am I saying it is a torturing instrument I think they had more primitive versions in my history text books. Regardless, this workout kicked my booty. From a 1 to 10 scale 10 being the hardest I would give it a 9. I felt swore walking to my car after the workout. At the end I loved it and signed up to do more classes. It sucked but I felt amazing afterwards and really felt like I could get in some serious shape doing this.

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At this point of the challenge I was so sore I couldn’t climb stairs and I just hurt everywhere.Stay tuned for next week for part 2 of the Lululemon workout challenge!





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