Three Whims Book Club: Me Before You

Once upon a time the Three Whims had a book club. This book club was pretty much the champion of book clubs and ran for much longer than I thought it would. Sadly, people slowly dropped off because of life and babies and work and just general busy-ness. In the end it was just us three whims hanging in there and discussing our fantastic reads. Then the blog happened and as much as we love each other, the book club took a back seat.

But not anymore my friends. I have missed the camaraderie of reading the same book as the people I love and adore, so I am bringing it to the blog. I thought it would be fun to announce the book I am going to review at the beginning of the month for those who might want to read along with us. Now we just have more people to read with us, right?

Three Whims Book Club Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes is being made into a movie, as many good books are, and there is nothing I love more than reading a book, watching a movie and saying in my snootiest voice ever “well the book was definitely better.” Seriously, I challenge anyone to tell me a time the movie was better than the book.

So what is this book about? You can read about it on JoJo Moyes site here. If you love books and clubs and reading the same book with people so you can all experience the magic of a book at the same time, then join us!




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