Ginger Approved Color Correction

Lately, in the makeup world color correction has been all the rage. I personally have never used it but I have seen it be used on other people. The idea of color correction is that colors have opposites that cancel each other out. For example I have a friend who tends to have a red complexion and uses a primer with a light green coloring as the base, like magic once she puts it on her red complexion and the red becomes nonexistent. If your wondering what primer she uses check out Makeup For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer.


As you can see from the wheel is shows the different opposites of color.

Color correction can come in all forms such as primer, concealers, or even just a color stick.  I decided to look in it for me, I have a pale, I mean fair skin tone with dark circles under my eyes. I read a lot about what color correction could do for me.  I tried a few different products at Sephora including Urban Decay, Make up For Ever, Tarte and Benefit. Now I stated before that I have fair skin with dark circles under my eyes so for me a pinkish/peach tone works best. So you may ask what concealer do I think is best and Ginger approved??? That shall be Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye corrector. This can be found at Sephora for $24.


This is seriously amazing stuff I get it in light-Medium color and have seen a real difference. Other pink color correctors that worked was Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid,


Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Color Correct & Concealer make up forever

and lastly Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste Brightening Concealer.


Now I understand that some of you might not be ghostly pale like me so I made a reference list of what certain colors can do.

Color List:

-Green concealer helps with red undertone or even using a spot concealer to help with a red zit.

-Purple concealer helps with yellow undertone and works as a brightener.

-Peach color Concealers are great at brightening around the eye and getting rid of those dark circles.

-Yellow concealers help with hiding purple or blue bruises, and veins. I will need this for my fight club I’m starting after I finish my Krav Maga classes.

-Orange Concealers help with contouring or people with darker skin tones to hide dark circles.

There is so much more depth in this idea of color corrector so the real question is it worth it? Is it worth spending an additional $30+ for another makeup product? Well yes and no. It really does work for me, it covers my dark cycles and I see brightness in my eyes. However, that is all I really need from color correction and if I didn’t have Tarte Colored Clay I would just use a good concealer. My best advice is try it out! See what it does for you and if you have any products that you love let me know!




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