My Favorite Workout Video, Barre None

Sometimes you can’t get to the gym (don’t have a gym membership), the weather is terrible (cold) so you can’t run outside, and you just need a good workout video to get your sweat on. I have tried my fair share of workout videos, a lot of which have been great disappointments, but Ultimate Advanced Cardio Barre with Richard Giorla has become my favorite go-to when I want a good, overall workout.

What I love:

  • Barre. I miss ballet so much, and this workout is seriously a blast from the past, bringing me back to the good old days of ballet cardio strength training. But if you’ve never had any ballet training, don’t worry because there isn’t any technical stuff and you will still be able to follow along just fine.
  • It kicks my trash, so I feel like I am getting a really good workout every time I do it.
  • They focus on all of the muscle groups, so it’s an entire body workout.
  • The moves are designed to build long lean muscle, not bulk.
  • You really only need a chair (for your barre) and maybe 1 lb weights, if you are feeling adventurous (I usually don’t do weights, and it still kills me).
  • The instructor (Richard) is slightly over-the-top, but I like his enthusiasm, and I feel like it is perfect when you are trying to get motivated by someone who is not actually there and doesn’t really see you.
  • There are two quick bonus workouts that focus only on arms and lower body for if you don’t have a full hour to dedicate to the workout.


What I don’t love:

  • The music is a little hokey, but you can always put it on mute and listen to your own choice of music if you like.

SO, if you are looking for a new workout video, I strongly recommend this one! What are your favorites??




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