A couple weekends ago my sister came in to town for a quick trip. She has an amazing palate and like me is a world class foodie. Salt Lake City has had a big movement of great food. I have a list of places that I have been wanting to try and one of them is Pallet. Pallet is located downtown in a district of old industrial fronts next to the Gateway. The first thing you notice is how cool the ambiance is in the restaurant. Low lighting, brown tones and communal tables with funky artwork got me excited for what was to come.




The menu is simple with rustic American dishes from wild boar to lamb. We ordered truffle Yukon potatoes as the appetizer and oh holy moly it was so good. I’m such a sucker for truffle and they had parmesan shavings on top. I ordered the chicken with gnocchi and seasonal vegetables and my sister ordered the lamb with a carrot onion mash.





Of course her dish was the best out of both dishes, don’t get me wrong the chicken was juicy and tender but I love lamb. We didn’t get dessert because we didn’t really see anything on the menu and we were really full.

Overall, Pallet was delicious and is on my list of places I will go again. The service was top notch, and the portions were huge. Typically in these foodie places they don’t give you big portions. Now it is expensive. You’re looking at spending over $20 per entrée but hey ‘treat yo self’. Prepare yourself people, the Salt Lake City food renaissance has begun!




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