To Thred Up or Not to Thred Up

Those ads for Thred Up kept showing up in my Facebook feed for awhile so when I decided to clean out my closet before the big move, I thought I would give it a shot. Thred Up is essentially an online consignment/secondhand clothing store where you can buy gently used designer clothes at a discount. The other part of it, though, is that you can sell your gently used clothes as well. You know from my reviews of Le Tote here and here that I am all about being fashionable while avoiding filling up landfills with cheap discarded clothing. I already had a bag of clothes that I was planning on donating so I thought, why not try this out instead? They donate what they don’t keep so what’s the harm?

How it works

  1. Request a free clean out bag.Three Whims: Thred Up Review
  2. Fill that garbage size bag up to the top because they pay for shipping.IMG_3745
  3. Set it out for your mail carrier to pick up OR drop it off at the Post Office.IMG_3748
  4. Wait to hear back and find out how much they will pay you for your items.

So I waited for quite a while, a few weeks to be honest, before I heard from Thred Up. At that point it was to tell me that they had received a huge amount of clothing from people trying to sell, so my bag would take some time to process, but I should receive payment by March 4th. No big deal really since I wasn’t expecting a huge payment by any means. It was a long enough amount of time, though, that I wondered if the bag had gotten swiped off my front porch rather than picked up by the mail carrier. So, phew, they got the bag.

I actually got the email saying my bag had been processed on March 10th. Hurray! I opened the email in anticipation, wondering how many of my entire garbage bag sized bag full of clothes and shoes they kept…

Two. They kept two items and my payout that I waited almost a month to hear about? Two whole dollars and twenty little cents. Yes, $2.20. I literally laughed out loud when I read it.

So would I recommend selling to Thred Up? That really depends. I will be completely candid with you, more than half of the items I sent were older and I wasn’t expecting much of anything. The two things that they kept were some of the newer items so good eye Thred Up people. But the one top I spent $40 on, I got around a dollar for.

I was saved the embarrassment of going to one of the local places and having them go through my things and tell me certain things were no longer in style. I don’t care who you are, that is not the best feeling.

I would say, this will work for people like me who aren’t totally invested in making money off their clothes and don’t really care either way. I read some angry reviews of people saying they could have sold it for more on eBay, and while I get that is probably true, you also have to do a lot more work to get that money.

Or this might work for people who are totally up on their trends and buy a whole new wardrobe every year. I would imagine the designer pieces would have a bigger payout.


The verdict? Rather than donating to the D.I. next time, I might request a bag again. I don’t think that I buy enough of the designer items that would really be worth me trying to sell clothes that I still might have use for, just to get money to buy the next trendiest thing. I think the reality is that I will have more luck on the buying end of things. I will keep you posted on how that goes!




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