Our Day at Storybrook Play Cafe

If you take out the section of the children’s museum that toddlers always flock to, you know the little houses and grocery store section where they can pretend to be miniature adults and add a little coffee shop/bakery section for moms to relax while their kids play, you essentially have Storybrook Play Cafe.

Three Whims: Storybrooke Cafe Review

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

It’s by no means huge, which is actually what I like about it, and it has couches and comfy places for moms to sit (many of them with their babies) while their toddlers play in the houses, ball pit and dress up section.


Rose and her cousin found plenty to do while my sister and I caught up after our whole week apart.


The cafe upstairs has this little section adjacent to it so the girls could play and eat while we ate and chatted away. It’s $6 a kid and you can stay as long as you want. I love that moms don’t pay and instead I put that money towards snacks at the little cafe.

The girls had a blast so I snagged a punch pass for those days when I need a little help keeping my little one busy. Because lets be honest, even though we have a playhouse and kitchen set at home, kids always play with those things more when they are at someone else’s house. It you live in the Salt Lake area and want to set up a play date and actually be able to visit with your friends, you should check this place out!




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