Las Vegas with your Babies

With boxes yet to be unpacked and washer and dryer yet to be purchased, we made the decision to just put all of that out of our minds and spring for a trip to Vegas. Why? Because of February, and moving, and the inversion, and a very stressed out mom who needed some sunshine. The forecast said 80 degrees in Vegas and I put aside all of the “why we shouldn’ts” and leaned right into the “why we shoulds.”

Three Whims: Vegas with your babies palm trees

I had some obvious reservations about taking the little ones to Vegas but after some digging around online I found out that it really has a huge amount of family friendly activities, some say second only to Orlando.

The Venetian

We stayed at The Mirage because the shows there are relatively mild (The Beatles and a comedian who does impressions of famous people with puppets) so my guess was that it wouldn’t draw too rowdy of a crowd.


Plus my number one requirement was some onsite kid friendly entertainment. They have The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Have I ever mentioned that I am obsessed with dolphins?

Three Whims: The Mirage Dolphin Encounter

We spent the majority of the day at The Mirage falling in love with these guys.


Although I am far from a Vegas with babies connoisseur, here are some of my tips to making your trip with kids successful:

1) Stay somewhere with great family activities onsite. It’s nice to park your car for the weekend and this way you don’t have to walk too far with the kiddos in tow.

2) Don’t forget your stroller. Seriously, we forgot our stroller and while your hotel will be prepared for everything and have ones for you to rent, they will gouge you at $20 a day for an umbrella stroller. Really? I could buy one of these things for $10.

3) Bring your own snacks. Vegas is ridiculously expensive and if you have kids like mine, they won’t eat all of those $18 pancakes but will be hungry for snacks an hour later and those little applesauce go packs at the Essentials store in the hotel aren’t all that cheap.

4) Decide if a stroll down the strip is really worth it (reason for tip number 1).  I got exhausted trying to point out everything in the sky for Reuvo to look up at to avoid seeing all the cards of naked women littered all over the ground. It’s Vegas. Enough said.

5) Keep it simple and don’t try to pack too much in. This really depends on the type of kids you have but mine tend to get overstimulated so while they loved the glitter and the lights and the women walking around in feather headdresses, it quickly wore them out.

6) Ask about the free stuff to do. Our bellhop at The Mirage was adorable and when we told her we would only be around for a few days she wrote out a list of things that the kids should see: the volcano at The Mirage, the fountains at The Bellagio, the moving statues at Caesars to name a few.



We took a little bit of a gamble deciding to do a last minute (literally booking it the day before) trip to Vegas. The result? I have huge pile of laundry to do this week, but I also have a slight tan line and relaxed kids so it was definitely worth it.







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