Don’t Hate Me Because I’m so Flawless Hate the Primer you don’t have

For this month’s beauty review I have decided to do face primers, specifically Make Up For Ever Nourishing Primer. Now I have a love hate relationship with face primer. I would never would wear it because I felt that it did nothing for me. Not to mention it was another item that the beauty industry was pushing me to buy. But I have learned the error of my ways and I shall share. My problem that I have found with wearing foundation is that sometimes it dries out my skin and I get these dry flaky batches. I definitely need hydration so I put on my morning moisturizer with SPF cause I’m all about the anti-aging and I still have dry batches grr.

So I talked to my peeps at Sephora (I swear they don’t pay me to rave about them, I just love them and our love is forever) they pointed out that I need a primer and I explained my hesitation about primer. They asked me a few questions; do you have to touch up your foundation after a few hours? Yes. Is your skin on the dryer side? Yes I live in Utah. Do you know how to apply primer? Well yeah you just put it on and then put on your foundation immediately afterwards. At that point they were like dude you are putting on your primer wrong and if you put it on correctly not only will you NOT have those dry batches but your make up will look just as flawless at the end of the day as it did in the morning. I was skeptical until they told me what to do.

First, you need to put your moisturizer/SPF on asap whether you are coming out the shower or after you wash your face so it sets. Second, you put on your primer and let it set (which means give it time before you put on your foundation).  Finally, you put on your foundation which for me is my For Ever HD Foundation palest color what, what!!!!  Like I said I was given a few Primer options but since my foundation is Make Up For Ever I decided just to use their line plus they have an amazing primer line with all kinds of different options for you to choose from even color correcting options. From red skin, dry, oily, anti-aging and even spf primers regardless they have a lot to choose from.

I gave the Make Up For Ever Nourishing Primer the old college try and wow it made a huge difference. My skin was looking amazing and I felt like I didn’t really need as much foundation and it really nourished my skin. I had zero dry batches. I highly recommend this primer but like I have said in the past what works for me, might not work for you. Check it out at Sephora and let me know what you think. What is your favorite primer?





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