Let’s Paint!

Last week I had an awesome opportunity with one of my besties to try out my painting skills. Now, I’m a terrible painter despite multiple attempts. I was not given the gift of creating art. However, a new trend has sprung in the date night (or in this case, a girl’s night) circuit.

This new trend, which cost $35, gets you a drink (which is typically wine, but most places have soda… or in my case, a Shirley Temple) and a step by step guide to teach you how to paint a specific portrait that you get to keep. I attended Liquid Canvas in Ogden, but don’t fear, there are many places around Utah that do this. Just type “paint and wine night” in google search.

My bestie was the one to choose the Tuscan Door painting, which would look good in an Olive Garden.


The class is fairly small, especially in my case where there were only 3 attendees.  The woman across from me chose to drink a glass of wine, followed by another 2 or 3 glasses and suddenly we not only got the experience of painting, but got a free show, too. She was helped by the band Queen and their famous ballad of Bohemian Rhapsody, during which she sang loudly and showed off her head banging skills.

Anyway, our teacher was great, giving detailed instructions on what colors to use, which paint brushes work best and showed us what methods to use while painting. Seriously, anyone can come out with a semi decent Italian restaurant… wait, no, more like restaurant bathroom quality painting. It was a lot of fun and I will definitely do it again.

My one piece of advice is to bring cash. I didn’t know that you were supposed to tip the teacher and felt bad since my bestie and I didn’t have cash on us.  Let me know what you think of my spectacular painting below.





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