Run Ginger, Run!


I hate running, I’m going to be straight with you. I hate it, but once in a while I will forget my hate and hear the call of the running gods beckoning me to lace up and run. I have to say Utah has such gorgeous sights to run whether it be Sugarhouse park, running the mountains in big Cottonwood Canyon, Memorial grove and so much more.

cotton wood

Utah is made to show case the great outdoors. Now living in this state I felt the call to run again and if you have read my other posts you know I like to try different workouts so I decide to announce my decision to run a half marathon! Originally I wanted to run the Salt Lake City half marathon and got nervous and didn’t want to do it by myself so I asked Blondie to do it with me and so we compromised and decided to do the 5k. Don’t get me wrong I will do a Half Marathon this year but maybe I should do a 5k first. Since this decision has been made I have been doing a lot of research how to train for a 5K. Now first I use to run a lot in college and even did a couple 5k races in the past and let me tell you there nothing like feeling of a race environment. Adrenaline is so thick in the air; crowd’s of people either running the race or watching it, as well as music blasting the starting line, making it an incredible experience.


So my research has come up with a few suggestions. Including these 5 tips:

  1. Sign Up! By signing up for a 5K, and marking the date on your calendar it gives you motivation to train for the race.
  2. Count Back. Schedule each training session. It’s so much easier to have set running days that way you can start scheduling around your set running time.
  3. Go slowly. The very slow long runs (no huffing and puffing) develop the endurance to go the distance. Runners should go about 2 to 3 minutes per mile slower than they usually run. You will receive all of the endurance from the run or walk whether you go fast or slow—so relax and enjoy the endorphins.
  4. Do only 3 workouts a week! The long one on the weekend gradually increases to race distance. A minimum of 20 minutes, on two other days, will maintain the endurance from the longer runs.
  5. Get Your Friends in on It: Group Support Helps! Like I stated before when I decided to run I told so of my friends and invited them to run in the race with me.

If you are looking for any more tips check out! I also looked up different running plans that would cater to me. I like to be able to cross train with Yoga and my Krav Maga I included some awesome training plans that are perfect for beginners.

The main 5k running plan that we picked or what Blondie wanted was the 5K Zombie Run app. It’s awesome! It involves zombies, a story line, and music from your itunes.

Another, 5k training is from runner’s world, it’s a beginners 5K plan and can be done in 8 weeks this seems like a great easy plan. It also has an app for 2.99 it’s called the Runner’s World go.

Shape has a great site which you can pick different 5k plans including if you want to improve your time, 5 weeks training plan, and how to do an obstacle 5k.

The racing season is coming up let us know what favorite race you like to do! Ragnar, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah Valley, let us know.


Oh and I added some motivational quotes to get you pumped!

sillycornyyeah right






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