Valentine’s Le Tote

My week has a lot going on (house sold & house shopping), so the idea of finding a dress for my Valentine’s date night was the furthest thing from my mind. When I got the email from Le Tote saying it was on it’s way, I was pleasantly surprised to see a cute little black dress in there (Don’t know what Le Tote is? Read my original review here).

You can add things to your closet but can’t exactly request certain things in your shipment so I worried I wouldn’t have a dress this time. I crossed my fingers that it would fit and ta-da! It fits perfectly. This is why I love Le Tote so much. I decided not to put a pic of me in it on here because shhh I wan’t what it looks like on me to be a surprise for my hot date.

This is what I got this time:

Noir Shirred Front Ponte Dress

LBD that fits like a glove. Of course I love it.

Three Whims: Le Tote Review Noir Shirred Front Ponte Dress

Fate Contrast Sheer L/S Top

I am a huge fan of comfy tops, especially for my days off with little Rose. I love that this one is comfortable but still looks a little dressy with the sheer bottom panel. I can dress it up with that bracelet they sent me and be good to go! This might be one I decide to keep instead of just borrow.

Three Whims: Le Tote Review Fate Contrast Sheer L/S Top

Kut From the Kloth Cut Out L/S Top

I can’t lie, I haven’t had time to try this one on yet but it will be a good option for the office on Monday.

Three Whims: Le Tote Review Kut From the Kloth Cut Out L/S Top


This is the first time this has ever happened, but the item they told me they were shipping was a blush colored Nine West cross body purse, but I got this instead. No big deal because I can use it with my dress for my date anyways but not going to lie, I would have preferred the other one this time.


Ava Diamond Enamel Bracelet

I sometimes have a hard time with bracelets fitting me but this one is great. I’m not sure what is going on with my loving all the blush/pink/rose gold lately. My oldest daughter must rubbing off on me…

Three Whims: Le Tote Review Ava Diamond Enamel Bracelet

After  a few months, I am still a big fan of Le Tote. I am learning that I do better with their tops, skirts and dresses than their pants. This month I considered pausing my deliveries during the big move but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Has anyone tried Le Tote  yet?

FullSizeRender 14



P.S. Stay tuned! I am testing out Thred Up and will review my experience in the next few weeks!


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