“Heart Attack”

Every week during summer break as a little girl, my mom would have us do some sort of a service project. Sometimes we would pull weeds, other times we would have an elderly neighbor over for lunch. Whatever we did, these are some of my fondest memories and I have been so excited to do service projects with my own children.

Now that Titan is two, I decided to give his first service project a go. We got together with my cousin and her cute daughter (who happens to be Titan’s best friend) to “heart attack” our grandma (Titan’s great-grandma) for her birthday and Valentine’s Day.

All you need is:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • stuff to decorate the paper (crayons, paint, stickers etc.)
  • and most important, painters tape (you don’t want to ruin the person’s door with regular tape!)

My cousin and I cut out hearts of various sizes and then the kiddos decorated them. For some of the hearts we would ask the kiddos what to write on the hearts, which was really fun. For example, Titan says, “Happy Day” instead of “Happy Birthday,” so on one of the hearts we wrote, “Happy Day Grandma!” from Titan, haha.

Three Whims: "Heart Attack" - a fun Valentine's Day service project to do with your children

We helped the kids tape the hearts all over Great-Grandma’s door (most of the hearts ended up at the bottom of the door because that is where it was easiest, but we tried to lift them up to help them spread the hearts out a little more), knocked on the door and hid behind a bush.

Great-Grandma was very surprised and loves her hearts! But the kiddos loved it most of all. Titan kept calling it an “adventure” and his BF prayed that night that we would be able to do it again tomorrow and talks about it all the time = big success.

Three Whims: "Heart Attack" - a fun Valentine's Day service project to do with your children

What service projects do you love to do with your kids?




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