Mama B’s Cure for Diaper Rashes

I may only be a mom of one, but trust me, I have seen more than my fair share of diaper rashes! And a sore little bum is a sad little bum. So from a mom whose kid is prone to diaper rashes, here is my cure-all.

First, if your kid is prone to diaper rashes, like mine is, I recommend using Desitin Maximum Strength after every poopy diaper change and after every bath. Sometimes when someone else watches Titan, they won’t put Desitin on after a poopy diaper or a bath and the next thing I know, he has a rash. That little bum of his is just so sensitive.

You may wonder if regular strength Desitin would work just as well? Well, I have tried it, and for me, Maximum Strength is worth the extra couple of dollars.

Now, if your kiddo has a diaper rash:

  1. Air dry that sucker. Let your kid run diaper free for 5-30 minutes. WARNING: your kid will probably pee at some point, so if you can do this outside, that is always best. I’m not sure what it is, but fresh air seriously seems to be the best cure for a diaper rash. Clears it up faster than anything.
  2. Use baby powder during your “air it out” time. I usually ask Titan to lay down face-first on my lap while I powder his bum. WARNING: baby powder is not good for your kiddo to breathe in, so tap some into your hand and then rub it into the bum. Don’t just dump it on your kid, or they will have a greater risk of getting it in their lungs.
  3. Use Aquaphor instead of Desitin during rash times. I do this for two reasons. One, Aquaphor is more expensive, or I would probably use it all of the time cause it is amazing. Two, it is clear, so you can keep a better eye on that rash.

I thought about posting cute baby bum photos of Titan, but then I remembered that I want him to like me when he is a teenager, so here are some photos of him stealing my photo supplies and knocking them over with his book. Haha.

Good luck moms!




4 thoughts on “Mama B’s Cure for Diaper Rashes

  1. Anna S

    We looooooove aquaphor! We use coconut oil after every diaper change because aquaphor clogs cloth diapers, but if she gets a rash, it’s aquaphor and a paper diaper and it heals up so quickly! I haven’t used baby powder though!

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