Monthly Bills Checklist

If obsessive compulsive was something that would be written on a resume, it would be on the very tippity top of mine. I am organized to a fault. In fact, I like to organize and re-organize things in my spare time. Oh, and make lists. Lots of lists.

SO, when I decided to be a mostly stay-at-home mom, and became in charge of paying all of the bills, I became desperate for a way to keep track of them. I needed a way to wrap my mind around everything that was due and to make sure it was all paid for.

First, I use this handy-dandy checklist that I came up with (download here: Monthly Bills Checklist)

For items that are bi- or tri-monthly, I cross them off when I pay them and strike-through when it is an off-month.

Three Whims: Free Printable Monthly Bills Checklist

Once I pay a bill, I cross it off the checklist, and then write “paid” and the date on the actual paper bill (I would also include how I paid the bill if I ever differed my method of payment), and then I keep everything in a folder until the end of the year. Once all of the bills are paid for the year, I put the checklist and paper bills in a labeled manila envelope and store it away for just in case.

And that’s that! Hope it helps any other crazy organizers out there!




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